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In December 2019, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Creative Industries Fund NL selected three design teams from their Open Call for the public parallel programme of the Dutch Pavilion for the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. These Open Calls promote and contribute to knowledge and the development of research in the fields of architecture and urbanism.

Selected contributors

Failed Architecture
Stories on Earth

Combining storytelling and design to subvert the human / non-human dichotomy. 

Studio Wild
The Forbidden Garden of Europe

Examining the extent to which spatial and social factors influence inclusive ways of living together.

Bureau LADA
Shallow Waters

Exploring the hybrid geographies of two urban deltas - Amsterdam’s Markermeer-Ijsselmeer and Venice’s lagoon.

Guus Beumer, artistic director Het Nieuwe Instituut
Francien van Westrenen, head of Agency Het Nieuwe Instituut
Afaina de Jong, architect and researcher; Debra Solomon, artist and researcher
Richard Niessen
Laura Pappa, Robert Milne
Juan Arturo García
Caroline Nevejan, Chief Science Officer City of Amsterdam; Huda AbiFarès, graphic design and co-editor
Mike Emmerik, Simone Rots, Independent School for the City
Lada Hršak, Bureau LADA; Chiara Dorbolò and Daphne Bakker, Failed Architecture; Tymon Hogenelst and Jesse van der Ploeg, Studio Wild